CA Plus 10000 Junior Cricket Bat Size 5, 6, Harrow

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This remarkable 6+ grains English Willow cricket bat has been used and endorsed by international cricket batsman Tamim Iqbal himself, it demonstrates the superior quality of the blade. It is a fantastic option for aspiring junior cricketers, and it is available in sizes 4, 5, 6, and Harrow. Its performance capabilities are parallel to that of the Plus 10000 senior counterpart but at a very affordable and reasonable price! It truly is an excellent gift to give a young aspiring cricketer looking for their first high-quality cricket bat. Opting for this willow means you also find a sleek, aesthetic appeal with a beautiful 3D sticker inscribed on the front, a comfortable handle and grip, and a player-quality toe guard. These are available online 


  • Endorsed by Tamim Iqbal.
  • English Willow blade of 6+ grains.
  • Parallel in quality to Plus 10000.
  • Aesthetic, striking 3D sticker on the front face.
  • Perfect for gift