CA Plus 3.0 Cricket Batting Gloves

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Third consecutive edition in the Plus series of gloves. The bright and shiny PU facing makes it an elegant pair of gloves. Apart from changes in the outer shape this glove does possess professional gear features like

sheep leather in the palm. Air vents on the palm for moist management. Tight hundred percent cotton grip on the wrist for sweat absorption. One hand of in the pair possesses protection fiber in the thumb and two fingers for fingertips protection. So that factor adds up to the parameter of security to hands. An undoubted choice for the youngsters and new cricketers.


  • It is a confidence booster 
  • Possesses bright and shiny grey texture  
  • Inculcation of sheep leather in palm and PU facing 
  • High fiber protection 
  • Secure hands and boosts performance 

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