MRF Genius Grand Edition 2.0 EW Harrow Cricket Bat

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The MRF Genius Grand Edition 2.0 EW Harrow Cricket Bat is a powerful weapon designed for aspiring young cricketers. Crafted using premium quality Grade 2 English willow, this bat offers exceptional performance and durability.

With its thick edges, curved blade, and higher sweet spot, the Grand Edition 2.0 Harrow bat is specifically engineered for destructive hitting. It allows players to generate immense power and hit boundaries with ease. The full profile with little concaving provides a solid feel, while the balanced pickup ensures excellent control and maneuverability.

The handle of the Grand Edition 2.0 Harrow bat is made from premium and imported Sarawak cane, delivering superior power and control. The round shape offers a comfortable grip, allowing young players to play shots with confidence and precision. The bat comes with an MRF Players grip for added comfort and stability.

The face of the bat is flat, providing a consistent hitting surface, while the natural toe enhances durability. With a blade length of 555mm and a spine measuring up to 63mm, this bat offers a generous sweet spot and optimal power transfer. The edges can reach up to 40mm, further adding to the bat's power-packed performance.

To ensure optimal performance, the MRF Genius Grand Edition 2.0 EW Harrow Cricket Bat comes with a natural preparation, including a free knock-in and Extratec sleeve. This bat is ready to help young cricketers showcase their skills and excel on the cricket field.


  • Willow: Grade 2 English Willow
  • Weight Range: Harrow - 1040 GMS, Harrow - 1080 GMS, Harrow - 1045 GMS
  • Profile: Full, little concaving
  • Sweet Spot: Mid-to-low
  • Pickup: Balanced
  • Handle: Round
  • Grip: MRF Players
  • Face: Flat
  • Toe: Natural