Cork County Cricket Club Gillet

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Experience warmth and style with the Cork County Cricket Club Gillet. This sleeveless jacket combines comfort and durability, keeping you cozy during matches and training. Featuring the club logo, it showcases your team's pride. Perfect for layering, this Gillet adds sophistication to your cricketing attire. Stay ahead of the game with the Cork County Cricket Club Gillet and elevate your cricketing experience.


  • Customized Gillet featuring the club's logo and design
  • Made from high-quality performance fabric for exceptional durability and comfort
  • Fully treated fabric for enhanced protection against the elements
  • Offers excellent stretchability for unrestricted movement on the field
  • Crafted from 100% polyester material for a lightweight and breathable feel
  • Ideal for layering during training sessions or matches
  • Provides a stylish and professional look for players representing the club
  • Available in various sizes to suit players of all ages
  • Perfect for showcasing team unity and pride in Cork County Cricket Club