Ram Cricket Skills Training Ball Set - Senior or Junior



The Ram Cricket Skills Ball Set is designed to enhance your cricket skills and provide a variety of training options. This multi-pack offers three popular coaching balls that cater to different aspects of the game. The specifications of the set are as follows:

  1. Reaction Ball: The reaction ball is designed to improve reflexes and hand-eye coordination. It features an irregular shape that creates unpredictable bounces, challenging you to react quickly and adapt to different ball movements.

  2. Wind Ball: The wind ball is a softer ball that is ideal for practicing bowling and catching drills. It provides a safer option for indoor or close-range training while still offering realistic flight and bounce characteristics.

  3. Tennis Cricket Ball: The tennis cricket ball is a modified version of a regular tennis ball, suitable for cricket practice sessions. It allows players to work on their batting skills and shot-making techniques with a ball that offers good grip and bounce.

Size Options: The Ram Cricket Skills Ball Set is available in both junior and senior sizes, ensuring that players of different age groups can benefit from the training balls.

Additional Sets: Apart from the Skills Ball Set, Ram Cricket also offers Training and Development ball sets, which may include different types of balls to further enhance your cricket training experience.

By using the Ram Cricket Skills Ball Set, you can improve your agility, hand-eye coordination, and overall cricket skills. These balls provide versatility and can be used for various training drills and exercises. Whether you're a junior or senior player, this multi-pack offers a cost-effective solution to enhance your cricket abilities.