DSC Cricket Bat Care Kit

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The DSC Cricket Bat Care Kit provides you with everything you need to take care of your cricket bat and keep it in top condition. This kit includes the following essential items:

  1. DSC Bat Repair Kit: This kit includes various tools and materials for repairing minor damages on your cricket bat. It helps you fix cracks, dents, or any other surface imperfections that may occur during gameplay.

  2. DSC Bat Grip: The bat grip included in the kit offers excellent grip and control. It ensures a firm hold on the bat handle, providing you with confidence and stability during your shots.

  3. DSC Toe Guard: The toe guard is a protective cover that goes over the toe of the bat. It helps prevent damage to the bat's vulnerable bottom area and extends the lifespan of the bat.

  4. Fevibond: Fevibond is an adhesive used for attaching the toe guard or making other minor repairs to your bat. It provides a strong bond and ensures a secure attachment of various components.

  5. Scuff Sheet: The scuff sheet included in the kit is used to protect the face of your bat. It acts as a shield against scratches and abrasions, preserving the bat's appearance and performance.

  6. Piece of Cloth: A piece of cloth is included for cleaning and wiping down your bat after use. It helps remove dirt, debris, and excess moisture, keeping your bat clean and ready for the next game.

Please note that the bat oil is not included in the kit. Bat oil can be purchased separately and is recommended for conditioning and maintaining the moisture content of your cricket bat.

With the DSC Cricket Bat Care Kit, you can ensure that your cricket bat remains in optimal condition, allowing you to perform at your best on the field.