DSC Bull 31 Cricket Batting Gloves

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The DSC Bull 31 Cricket Batting Gloves are designed to provide exceptional comfort, grip, and protection for cricket players.

Key Features:

  • Premium Sheep Leather Palm: The Bull 31 gloves feature a premium quality sheep leather palm that offers superior grip and feel, ensuring optimal control over the bat.
  • Impact Absorption: The finger rolls of the gloves are made with premium PU and ultra-light foam, providing excellent impact absorption and reducing the risk of injury.
  • Pre-Curved Finger Design: These gloves have a traditionally designed pre-curved finger shape, allowing for a natural and comfortable fit.
  • Ventilation and Moisture Management: The gloves feature an airflow gusset that promotes ventilation, keeping the hands cool during intense gameplay. Additionally, the dual-sided sweatband helps absorb moisture, enhancing player comfort.
  • Fibre Reinforced Protection: The Bull 31 gloves are equipped with FRP (Fibre Reinforced Protection) with fibre inserts across all fingers, offering immense impact protection and reducing the risk of finger injuries.
  • Flex Points: Strategically positioned flex points in the gloves allow for unrestricted movement, enabling players to have full control and flexibility while playing shots.
  • Three Side Bars and Split Thumb: The gloves feature three side bars for better protection, ensuring the safety of the hands during gameplay. The split thumb design further enhances flexibility and comfort.

The DSC Bull 31 Cricket Batting Gloves are a top-of-the-line choice for cricketers who prioritize comfort, grip, and superior protection while batting.