GRAY NICOLLS Players Spike Cricket Shoes

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GN Players Spike Cricket Shoes, designed to elevate your performance on the field. These shoes combine cutting-edge technology with comfort to enhance your agility and speed.

The Fluid-Fit Technology creates a breathable upper by fusing two ultra-thin materials. This ensures optimal support and a second-skin-like fit, allowing you to move freely without any restrictions. The Powerband Lite feature offers incredible support throughout the shoe, enhancing your ability to make quick turns and agile movements.

The Speedbase Batting Outsole is constructed with an ultra-thin base and TPU cleats. The cleats are made from the new and improved TPU75 material, providing superior grip on various surfaces. Whether you're playing on grass or artificial wickets, these shoes deliver the traction you need to perform at your best.

With the introduction of Impulse+, a unique midsole compound with a raised heel, these shoes provide lightweight conditioning. The raised heel design aids in cushioning and enhances your overall comfort during long matches or training sessions. Additionally, the Airflow X Footbed incorporates a lightweight matrix design that ensures optimal cushioning and promotes airflow to keep your feet cool.

Get ready to experience the GN Players Spike Cricket Shoes and take your game to new heights. With their advanced features and superior performance, these shoes are a must-have for any cricket player seeking comfort, support, and agility on the field.