K-BOWL Available in both Leather and Plastic versions


The K-Bowl has been designed to help players and coaches improve their understanding of what the ball is doing in the air after it is released from the bowlers’ hand.

K-Bowl helps coaches see exactly how the ball is being released from the hand. IT APPLIES TO EVERY FORM OF BOWLING.


K-Bowl cannot be bowled incorrectly….at least not without noticing!

If incorrectly released it won’t travel through the air correctly or bounce of the wicket correctly. It will be obvious.

Crucially K-Bowl provides instant visual feedback as to:

  1. The direction of the seam as it travels through the air

  2. The axis of rotation of the ball

  3. The plane/tilt of the ball

This means that even inexperienced coaches and players will obtain an understanding of what is happening when the ball is released from the hand without the need for a high speed video recording.


K-Bowl may bounce unpredictably due to its unique shape.Therefore it should not be bowled at any person.
K-Bowl is intended as a bowlers training tool only.
No liability will be accepted for any injury caused through use of K-Bowl contrary to these instructions.