Kookaburra 4.1 T/20 Cricket Batting Leg Guard/Pads

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The Kookaburra 4.1 T/20 Cricket Batting Leg Guard/Pads are designed to offer superb value and are ideal for club cricketers. 

  • Grade 4 Quality: These leg guards are of Grade 4 quality, providing reliable performance for club-level cricketers.
  • Impact Protection: The leg guards offer external impact protection to shield the legs from potential hits and impacts during batting.
  • Traditional Reinforced Cane & Foam Construction: The leg guards are constructed with traditional reinforced cane and foam, combining durability and comfort. The HDF side wing provides additional protection.
  • Three-Piece Knee Roll: The leg guards feature a three-piece knee roll design with vertical bolsters, ensuring enhanced shape retention and protection for the knee area.
  • Integral HDF Thigh Protection: The leg guards have integral HDF thigh protection with a PVC face, offering extra coverage and shielding for the thighs.
  • Duo-Flex 'Pro-Tec+' Knee Roll: The knee roll is constructed with Duo-Flex 'Pro-Tec+' technology, featuring a mesh and cotton face for improved flexibility and cushioning.
  • Tri-Flex Integral Shin Bolster: The leg guards include a Tri-Flex integral shin bolster with a Lycra and cotton face, providing added protection and comfort to the shin area.
  • Traditional 7 Cane Width: The leg guards have a traditional 7 cane width, offering a classic look and feel.
  • Premium 'Lycra & Cotton' Vertical Bolsters: Premium vertical bolsters made from Lycra and cotton are incorporated for increased comfort during extended use.
  • Ergonomically Shaped Calf Straps: The calf straps are ergonomically shaped, making the fastening process easier and more secure.
  • Premium PVC Instep with PVC Piping: The leg guards come with a premium PVC instep that includes PVC piping, ensuring durability and protection for the instep area.
  • Premium 'Grain' PVC Facing: The leg guards feature a premium 'grain' PVC facing, providing a stylish look and added durability.
  • Straps: The leg guards have 50mm calf and ankle straps with 25mm hook and loop closures, along with a 25mm thigh strap with 25mm hook and loop closure for a secure and adjustable fit.

The Kookaburra 4.1 T/20 Cricket Batting Leg Guard/Pads offer reliable protection, comfort, and adjustability, making them an excellent choice for club cricketers seeking value and performance.