Kookaburra Chilli M-Bow Hockey Stick - Red

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The Kookaburra Chilli M-Bow Hockey Stick in Red is designed for players who prefer a more conventional stick. Here are the key features:

  • Profile: The MBow 1 profile of the stick places the optimum point of the bow in the mid-section of the shaft. This positioning enhances ball control and allows for effective "slap hitting" techniques. It is particularly specialized for delivering powerful strikes.
  • Optimum Point: The optimal point of the bow is located at 21.0mm at 300mm along the shaft. This placement is designed to maximize ball control and provide optimal power when striking the ball.
  • Construction: The stick is constructed using Dual Core technology, which enhances its performance and durability. This technology involves the use of two cores for improved power and control.
  • Carbon Content: The stick has a 10% carbon content, which contributes to its strength and responsiveness. The carbon material adds stiffness to the stick, allowing for powerful shots and precise control.
  • Grip: The stick features a Pro Cushion grip, providing a comfortable and secure hold. The grip is designed to minimize impact and vibration, enhancing control and feel.

The Kookaburra Chilli M-Bow Hockey Stick in Red is suitable for players who prefer a more traditional playing style. Its mid-section bow placement, along with the Dual Core construction and carbon content, offers excellent ball control, powerful strikes, and durability. The Pro Cushion grip provides comfort and stability during gameplay.