Kookaburra Cricket Fielding Practice Net

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The Kookaburra Cricket Fielding Practice Net is designed to enhance your fielding practice sessions by providing a sturdy net that catches stray balls and saves you the trouble of retrieving them. Here are its key features:

Sturdy Construction: The practice net is built with durable materials to withstand the impact of cricket balls during fielding practice.

Target Stumps Image: The net features a unique target stumps image, which allows you to focus your batting practice and aim for specific areas while improving your accuracy.

Easy Storage and Transportation: The net can be easily folded away, making it convenient to store and transport to different practice locations.

Size: The net measures approximately 900mm x 800mm, providing a sizable target area for fielding drills and batting practice.

The Kookaburra Cricket Fielding Practice Net is an essential tool for cricketers looking to improve their fielding skills and batting accuracy. Its sturdy construction, target stumps image, and easy storage capability make it a practical choice for both individual and team practice sessions.