Kookaburra Fingerless Batting Inner Gloves

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The Kookaburra Fingerless Batting Inner Gloves are designed to provide added comfort and protection while batting. Here are their key features:

Cotton Palm: The inner gloves feature a cotton palm, which offers a soft and comfortable feel against the bat handle. The cotton material helps absorb moisture and provides a good grip.

Elastic Cotton Wrist: The gloves have an elastic cotton wrist that offers a secure and adjustable fit. The elasticated design ensures a snug fit and helps keep the gloves in place during batting.

Fingerless Design: These gloves are fingerless, allowing for better tactile sensitivity and freedom of movement. The fingerless design enables a better grip on the bat handle and allows for a natural feel while batting.

Combination Cotton Mesh Backing: The gloves have a combination of cotton and mesh backing. This combination provides breathability and ventilation, keeping your hands cool and reducing the build-up of sweat.

The Kookaburra Fingerless Batting Inner Gloves are a practical accessory for cricket players who prefer a fingerless design. The cotton palm, elastic cotton wrist, and combination cotton mesh backing ensure comfort, flexibility, and breathability during batting.