Kookaburra Meteor Hockey Stick - Black

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The Kookaburra Meteor Hockey Stick in the Black color variant is a hockey stick designed with a traditional wooden profile.

  • Construction: The stick is constructed using wood, which provides a traditional feel and responsiveness. It also incorporates fibreglass tape, which adds strength and durability to the stick's structure. The combination of wood and fibreglass tape enhances the overall performance and durability of the stick.

  • Grip: The stick is equipped with a Pro Contact grip, which offers enhanced control and feel during gameplay. The grip provides a comfortable and secure hold on the stick, allowing players to maintain a strong grip and execute their skills with precision.

The Kookaburra Meteor Hockey Stick combines the traditional feel of a wooden stick with the added strength of fibreglass tape. The black color scheme gives it a sleek and classic look on the field.