Leverage iWin Soft Machine Balls for Batting Practice white dimple



Leverage iWin Soft Machine Balls are designed specifically for batting practice, suitable for kids, youth, and indoor cricket training. These balls are made of soft rubber with a dimpled surface, providing a safe and enjoyable practice experience.

The soft rubber construction of the iWin Soft Machine Balls makes them ideal for use with the iWinner bowling machine and for throw-down practice sessions. They are designed to be lightweight, weighing 60 grams, which is suitable for players of all ages and skill levels.

These balls are specifically crafted for indoor cricket training, where a softer ball is preferred to minimize the risk of injury and damage to the surroundings. The dimpled surface helps in enhancing grip and control while delivering a consistent flight trajectory.

It's important to note that the Leverage iWin Soft Machine Balls are intended for use with the iWinner bowling machine and throw-down practice, and may not be suitable for outdoor matches or regular cricket play.

If you are looking to purchase Leverage iWin Soft Machine Balls, it is advisable to check with authorized sellers or reputable cricket equipment stores that offer products specifically designed for the iWinner machine and indoor cricket training.