Leverage iWinner Spl Edition Bowling Machine for Batting Practice

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The Leverage iWinner SPL Edition is a two-wheel digital bowling machine with intelligent features. This machine can be used at all levels of the game. 

Why Leverage I Winner SPL Edition?

The I Winner SPL Edition is the new introduction to our ranger of bowling machines. The SPL Edition has been enhanced to deliver balls much faster and has several added features that make it a premium machine.

  • Easy to operate
  • Speed up to 160kmph (100mph)
  • LCD display
  • App Operated
  • Randomised Variations
  • Built in ball counter
  • Sensor driven wheels
  • Compatible with auto feeder
  • Tripod Stand
  • Battery compatible
  • Machine weight 20kg
  • Delivery options: inswing, outswing, drift with spin, leg spin and off spin

App Operated:  The iCoach is very useful to control the machine and auto feeder remotely. A coach or player can change the variations or feed the ball using the app. The iCoach app will have more features that the machine control panel and can be upgraded with new features.

Compatible ball options:The iWin Balls and heavy tennis balls are made for Leverage iWinner bowling machines and simulator. These balls last longer than the regular cricket ball/Tennis ball. Perfect aerodynamics of these balls aid in accuracy of the deliveries.

Additional extras:

  1. Stub legs for fielding drills 
  2. Auto feeder 20 balls https://kbsportshub.ie/products/leverage-auto-feeder-i-winner-special-edition