Masuri T-Line Steel Senior Wicket Keeping Helmet

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The Masuri Original T-Line Steel Series Senior Wicket Keeping Cricket Helmet is a cloth-covered helmet designed specifically for wicket keepers who prefer the traditional Masuri style. This helmet offers affordability, lightweight construction, and exceptional comfort for wicket keepers.

Here are the key features of the Masuri Original T-Line Steel Series Senior Wicket Keeping Cricket Helmet:

  • Affordable and Lightweight: This helmet provides an affordable option for wicket keepers while maintaining a lightweight design. It ensures comfort and ease of movement during long hours behind the stumps.
  • Cloth Covered: The helmet features a cloth covering, giving it a traditional and classic look. It appeals to players who prefer the old-style aesthetic while still providing modern safety features.
  • Rear Cut-Out Section: The wicket keeping model includes a rear cut-out section to maximize player comfort when in a crouched keeping position. This design element allows for enhanced mobility and flexibility.
  • Full BS7928:2013 Compliance: The helmet meets the full compliance requirements of the BS7928:2013 safety standard. It undergoes rigorous testing to ensure optimal protection for wicket keepers.
  • ISO Accredited Factories: Masuri is the only cricket helmet manufacturer with ISO accredited factories and processes. This accreditation guarantees that all Masuri products, including the Original T-Line Steel Series helmet, are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and safety.
  • Single Shell Protection: The helmet utilizes Masuri's Single Shell Protection system, which combines modern manufacturing techniques and advanced materials to provide reliable protection. The soft cell foam front and back liners contour to the player's head shape for a secure and comfortable fit without the need for additional adjustors.

    The Masuri Original T-Line Steel Series Senior Wicket Keeping Cricket Helmet brings together the traditional Masuri design and modern safety standards. It has been a favored choice among international players worldwide, offering affordability, lightweight construction, and optimal comfort for wicket keepers.