SAREEN SPORTS Cricket Millenium Pro Arm Guard

£12.00 £13.00


SS Cricket Millinium Pro Arm Guard is designed to provide excellent protection and comfort for cricketers during their batting sessions. It features a combination of materials and design elements to ensure a high level of performance.

The top of the arm guard is made from PU (polyurethane), which provides durability and protection against impacts. The high-density EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) sheet filling further enhances the level of protection, absorbing and dispersing the force of any impact.

Inside the arm guard, there is a cotton lining that adds comfort and helps wick away moisture, keeping the arm dry during play. This feature ensures that the arm guard remains comfortable even during extended periods of use.

The arm guard is secured with a Velcro closure, which provides a firm and adjustable grip, allowing players to customize the fit to their preference. This ensures that the arm guard stays in place during movements and provides reliable protection.

The SS Cricket Millinium Pro Arm Guard is available in a white color and is designed to fit men's sizes. It can be used for either the left or right hand, providing versatility for players of different preferences.

Overall, the SS Cricket Millinium Pro Arm Guard offers reliable protection, comfort, and a secure fit, making it a suitable choice for cricketers seeking high-quality arm protection during their batting sessions.