Moonwalkr Cricket Batting Leg Guards 2.0

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Experience the ultimate in cricket protection with the Moonwalkr Cricket Batting Leg Guards 2.0. These leg guards are engineered to redefine your performance on the pitch.

Our commitment to innovation has led us to develop cricket leg guards that are slimmer, lighter, stronger, and faster than ever before. By utilizing ballistic proof composite materials, we have achieved a groundbreaking design that is less than half the weight and thickness of traditional leg guards, without compromising on the highest level of impact protection.

With the Moonwalkr Cricket Batting Leg Guards 2.0, you can fearlessly face the challenges of the pitch. Designed to provide unrestricted movement in any situation, these leg guards empower you to showcase your skills with confidence. They are built to withstand impacts up to 160 Kmph, ensuring your safety and allowing you to focus on your game.

Not only do these leg guards excel in performance, but they also make a bold statement with their futuristic appearance. The sleek design reflects the spirit of a new era in cricket, while the new strap material enhances comfort and provides a softer feel. You'll appreciate the superior fit and luxurious comfort as you play your best innings.

Step into the future of cricket with the Moonwalkr Cricket Batting Leg Guards 2.0. Once you experience their exceptional performance and unparalleled comfort, you'll never want to take them off.