MRF Legend VK 18 2.0 EW Cricket Bat

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The MRF Legend VK 18 2.0 EW Cricket Bat is a premium-quality bat designed for ultimate power and control. Endorsed by Indian cricket player Virat Kohli, this bat is crafted to meet the demands of professional cricketers.


  • Bat Type: English Willow
  • Size: Men's
  • Profile: Imposing edges and balanced profile for power and control
  • Sweet Spot: Middle part for optimal performance
  • Handle: Treble spring cane handle for superior grip and control
  • Shape: Round shape short handle for comfortable handling
  • Face: Semi-flat face for durability and wider sweet spot
  • Toe: Semi square toe for minimized damage and offset feel
  • Spine: Reduced sweeping spine profile for superior pick-up
  • Swell Position: Mid-to-high position for powerful strokes
  • Edges: Thick edges at the drive zone for added power
  • Endorsement: Endorsed by Virat Kohli, Indian cricket player
  • Bat Cover: Includes 1 bat cover for protection

The MRF Legend VK 18 2.0 EW Cricket Bat is made from fine quality English willow, ensuring durability and exceptional performance. The imposing edges and balanced profile of the bat provide the perfect combination of power and control, allowing you to dominate on the cricket field.

The bat features a good sweet spot positioned at the middle, enabling you to deliver powerful and precise shots. With its treble spring cane handle, the MRF Legend VK 18 2.0 EW Cricket Bat offers excellent grip and control, allowing you to play your shots with confidence.

The semi-flat face of the bat adds durability and provides a wider sweet spot, while the semi square toe minimizes damage and offers an offset feel. The reduced sweeping spine profile ensures superior pick-up, making the bat feel light and easy to maneuver.

Experience the performance and craftsmanship of the MRF Legend VK 18 2.0 EW Cricket Bat and take your game to the next level.