MRF Genius Grand Edition 1.0 Cricket Batting Gloves

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Introducing the MRF Genius Grand Edition 1.0 Cricket Batting Gloves, designed to provide cricketers with exceptional comfort, flexibility, and protection. These gloves are crafted with premium materials and innovative features, ensuring a superior performance on the cricket field.

Key Features:

  • Super Soft Sheep Leather Palm: The gloves feature a super soft sheep leather palm, offering a comfortable and secure grip on the bat. The leather palm enhances control and feel, allowing for precise shots.

  • Traditional Sausage Finger Design: The gloves follow a traditional sausage finger design, providing excellent flexibility and freedom of movement. The split in the lead two fingers of the bottom hand adds an extra level of flexibility for improved grip and control.

  • Extra Over Flap: The front two fingers of the gloves are equipped with an extra over flap, providing enhanced protection against impacts. This feature ensures that your fingers are well-protected during intense gameplay.

  • Reinforced Padded Palm Panel: The gloves have a reinforced padded palm panel, offering additional protection and comfort. This panel helps absorb shocks and reduces the risk of hand injuries, allowing you to focus on your performance.

  • Sidebar Protection: The gloves include sidebar protection, adding an extra layer of defense to the side of your hand. This feature safeguards your hand from unexpected impacts and provides additional peace of mind.

  • Traditional One Piece Thumb: The gloves feature a traditional one-piece thumb design, offering optimum flexibility and dexterity. This allows for natural thumb movement and a comfortable grip on the bat handle.

Experience the superior quality and performance of the MRF Genius Grand Edition 1.0 Cricket Batting Gloves. With their super soft sheep leather palm, traditional design, extra protection features, and reinforced padding, these gloves provide the perfect combination of comfort and performance. Elevate your game and face the challenges of the pitch with confidence.