MRF Genius Grand Edition 2.0 Batting Leg Guard/Pads

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MRF Genius Grand Edition 2.0 Batting Leg Guard/Pads are specifically designed to provide lightweight yet effective protection for cricket batsmen. These leg guards feature a unique design that combines comfort, mobility, and high-density protection.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight Design: The Genius Grand Edition 2.0 Leg Guards are crafted using lightweight materials, ensuring that they do not hinder your movements while at the crease. The lightweight construction allows for agile footwork and swift running between the wickets.
  • Three-Piece Inside Knee Construction: The leg guards are equipped with a three-piece inside knee construction, which provides a secure and comfortable fit around the knee area. This design ensures optimal protection and flexibility, allowing you to move freely during your batting innings.
  • High-Density Sponge-Filled Vertical Bolster: The vertical bolster of these leg guards is filled with high-density sponge, offering enhanced shock absorption and impact resistance. This feature provides reliable protection against fast bowling and ensures the safety of your legs while facing challenging deliveries.
  • Foam-Filled Construction: The leg guards are constructed with foam-filled padding, adding an extra layer of cushioning and protection. This foam filling provides additional comfort and reduces the impact of the ball on your legs, minimizing the risk of injury.

Choose the MRF Genius Grand Edition 2.0 Batting Leg Guard/Pads for their lightweight design, three-piece inside knee construction, and high-density sponge-filled vertical bolster. These leg guards are ideal for batsmen who value comfort, flexibility, and superior protection while facing the bowlers. Elevate your game with confidence and focus, knowing that your legs are well-guarded.