Opro Adult Mouthguard Bronze - Blue Junior

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Discover the Opro Adidas Adult and Junior Mouthguard Bronze, your go-to solution for essential protection during ball, stick, or combat sports. Designed for both adults and juniors, this mouthguard offers a comfortable fit, durability, and peace of mind on the field.


  • Entry-Level Protection: The Bronze level mouthguard offers fundamental protection for your teeth and gums, making it perfect for training and games in various sports.
  • Secure Fit: The 11 fins are strategically positioned to provide a secure and comfortable fit. During fitting, these fins adapt to your teeth and gums for optimal comfort.
  • Single-Layer Construction: The mouthguard's construction offers the necessary protection for your teeth and gums during training and gameplay.
  • Comfortable Design: The specially shaped palate ensures clear breathing and easy communication while wearing the mouthguard.
  • Easy Moulding: Achieve a safe and secure fit by molding the mouthguard to your teeth. This process ensures maximum comfort and protection.
  • Size Options: Available in both Adult (11 years and above) and Junior (up to 10 years) sizes to accommodate different age groups.
  • Dental Warranty: Legally CE certified, the mouthguard comes with a comprehensive dental warranty worth up to $10,000, providing you with extra confidence.
  • Color Variety: Choose from Blue or White colors to match your style and preference.

Equip yourself with the Opro Adidas Adult and Junior Mouthguard Bronze and enjoy essential protection, comfort, and confidence during every game or training session.