GRAY NICOLLS Players Rubber Spike Cricket Shoes

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GN Players Spike Cricket Shoes, a fantastic mid-range option designed to cater to club cricketers. These shoes offer outstanding performance and features that will enhance your game on the field.

The Players Spike incorporates the Powerband Lite, which provides exceptional support to aid agility and stability during quick turns and movements. The Fluid-Fit technology ensures a breathable upper, allowing your feet to stay cool and comfortable throughout the match. The new Impulse + technology, with its raised heel and revolutionary midsole compound, offers improved cushioning for enhanced comfort and lightweight conditioning.

For those who prefer a spikeless option, we present the Players Batting shoe. This shoe shares all the features of the Players Spike, but without the spikes. It is perfect for indoor cricket matches, training sessions, and even grass surfaces, providing substantial grip with its TPU cleats on the ultra-thin Speedbase Batting Outsole.

The Players Batting shoe is highly desired by professionals, club players, and junior stars alike. It offers a stylish design, lightweight construction, and versatility to meet the demands of modern cricket.

Key Features:

  • Fluid-Fit Technology: Engineered breathable upper with two ultra-thin materials for support and a second-skin-like fit.
  • Powerband Lite: Offers excellent support throughout the shoe, enhancing the speed of turns and movements.
  • Speedbase Batting Outsole: Ultra-thin stable sole unit with strategic spike configuration for optimal grip.
  • Impulse+: New midsole compound with a raised heel for lightweight conditioning and improved cushioning.
  • Airflow X Footbed: Lightweight matrix design that provides cushioning and promotes airflow for added comfort.

Step onto the field with confidence wearing the GN Players Spike Cricket Shoes or opt for the spikeless Players Batting shoe for a stud-free experience. Enjoy the benefits of superior technology, comfort, and style that these shoes bring to your game.