CA Plus 15000 Player Edition 7 Star Cricket Bat

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The Plus 15000 Player’s Edition is an absolutely marvellous, all-time classic and super-hit cricket bat. Being the 7-star edition, it is part of the extended versions of the Plus 15000 series. It has received an abundance of praise all over social media as to how strong of a choice it is as a cricket bat for any passionate, serious player, and is described to be “one of a kind” of the modern era of cricket bat making. Delving deeper into the intricacies and appealing attributes of the blade, it is a 7+ grains English Willow, and is hand-crafted with utmost consideration going into the balance and weight of the main bat and handle. The minimalist red and silver stickers, coupled with the red and silver batting grip, makes the bat such a bold and aesthetically pleasing product. The stickers are displayed across the brilliantly designed spine of the bat, and even the toe guard comes in red. The grip itself makes use of reverse-lock technology along with specially designed grooves to provide optimal grip and comfort in your hands. To further display how esteemed and premium quality this cricket bat is, it is packed and presented in a designer bag, making it easy and stylish to carry around. We provide all our customers purchasing thing product with a scratch code verification system.


  •  Thick edges and beautiful sweet-spot.
  •  7+ Grains, 7-star Player’s Edition cricket bat.
  •  Comes in two variations.
  •  Specially made units for UK customers.
  •  Reverse lock technology incorporated in handle grip.
  •  Minimalist, 3D metallic stickers.