Precision Junior Speed Agility Kit

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The Precision Junior Speed Agility Kit is a comprehensive training set designed to enhance speed, agility, and coordination for young athletes. This kit contains a variety of training equipment that allows junior players to improve their athletic performance in a fun and engaging way.

Key Features:

  • Hurdles: The kit includes three 9" hurdles and three 6" hurdles. These hurdles are perfect for practicing jumping and agility drills, helping young athletes develop their explosive power and coordination.
  • Ladders: Two 2-meter ladders are included in the kit. These ladders are excellent tools for improving footwork, quickness, and agility. Athletes can perform various ladder drills to enhance their speed and movement patterns.
  • Collapsible Cones: The kit comes with 12 collapsible cones measuring 9". These cones are ideal for marking training areas and creating agility courses. They can be easily set up and folded down for convenient storage.
  • Bag: The Precision Junior Speed Agility Kit is supplied with a bag for easy transportation and storage. The bag keeps all the training equipment organized and allows young athletes to carry their kit to training sessions or competitions effortlessly.

The Precision Junior Speed Agility Kit provides young athletes with the tools they need to develop their speed, agility, and overall athletic performance. Whether used for individual training or as part of a team practice, this kit is a valuable addition to any junior athlete's training regimen.