PUMA Future 1.0 Cricket Bats

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The new Puma Future bat collection sets a new benchmark to deliver high performance hitting speed with re-weighted balance and control. By positioning the bulk of the willow lower down the blade, along with a slightly flatter face it has allowed Future to bolster the thickness of its edges and combined with an impressive swell to produce a destructive bat. Super pick - up remains the focus of a blade that is beautifully contoured with flowing edges from shoulder to toe. Ultra-modern design, lightweight construction and striking cosmetics, a perfect combination for the modern high impact player. Unique multi-textured PUMA grip with new cosmetics ensures the best possible touch and control. Softer compound rubber for bottom hand comfort and cushioning. Round handle for optimum grip and control. Updated cosmetics use high quality PVC free labels and solvent free inks. New and improved blade profile with extended thick edges and a fuller spine to enlarge the core sweet spot of the blade, providing all-round power and control. Leading edges are rounded off in production to improve bat durability and minimize the risk of edges