R66T Academy Ball Feeder



R66T Academy Ball Feeder is a cricket training tool endorsed and used by England cricketer Joe Root and Glamorgan cricketer Billy Root. It is designed to enhance batting practice by automatically feeding cricket balls to the batsman, allowing for consistent and repetitive training. Here are some key features and benefits of the R66T Academy Ball Feeder:

  • Comes With Practice Balls: This ball feeder includes 8 R66T Academy practice balls, ensuring you have enough balls for your training sessions.

  • Automatic Ball Feeding: The machine is capable of delivering one cricket ball every eight seconds, providing a consistent and challenging training experience.

  • Portability: The ball feeder can operate using batteries and a power cord, making it highly portable. You can use it on various cricket pitches or training facilities without worrying about power sources.

  • Ideal Training Aid: It's an excellent training aid for cricketers of all levels, from beginners to professionals. It allows batsmen to practice their shots, timing, and shot selection in a controlled and repetitive manner.

  • Endorsed by Professionals: The fact that it's endorsed and used by professional cricketers like Joe Root and Billy Root speaks to its quality and effectiveness.

Overall, the R66T Academy Ball Feeder is a valuable tool for cricketers looking to improve their batting skills. It offers convenience, portability, and the ability to practice effectively, making it a great addition to any cricketer's training regimen.