R66T Academy Reactor



R66T Academy Reactor is a miniature bowling machine designed for cricket training. It comes with several features that make it an ideal tool for both batting and wicket-keeping practice. Here are some key features of the R66T Academy Reactor:

  • Micro Ball: The machine uses a micro-sized ball, which is smaller than regular cricket balls. This is designed to sharpen a player's eye and reflexes during training sessions, making it an excellent tool for improving batting skills.

  • Battery and Mains Power: The Reactor can be powered either by batteries or mains power, providing flexibility in its use. You can use it in various settings, including outdoor practice sessions where mains power might not be available.

  • Ball Quantity: It comes with a set of 12 balls, ensuring that you have an adequate supply of balls for your training needs.

  • Collection Ball Tube: The machine likely includes a ball collection tube, which makes it easy to collect the balls after each delivery without manual retrieval.

  • Versatile Use: In addition to batting practice, the Reactor is mentioned to be ideal for wicket-keeping practice as well. This suggests that it can simulate various types of deliveries for wicket-keeping drills.

  • Instructional Training Videos: The package may include access to online instructional training videos. These videos can guide players on how to effectively use the Reactor for training and improving their cricket skills.

Overall, the R66T Academy Reactor appears to be a versatile and compact training tool suitable for cricketers looking to enhance their batting and wicket-keeping abilities. Its portability, power options, and micro ball size make it a convenient choice for cricket practice sessions.