Rawling Players Preferred First Base Mitt For Catching Practice

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Rawlings Players Preferred First Base Mitt is designed for catching practice and use in baseball or softball, particularly for first basemen. Here are the key details about this mitt:

Product Details:

  • ModelP-PFBDCT Rawlings Players Preferred series.
  • Hand Orientation: The mitt is available in both regular (left-handed thrower) and right-handed thrower versions. The orientation you choose depends on which hand you use to throw the ball.

Key Features:

  • Size: The mitt is 12 ½ inches, which is a common size for first base mitts. First base mitts are specially designed to scoop and catch throws from infielders, so they often have a unique shape and size compared to other fielder's gloves.

  • Web Style: It features a single-post, double-bar web. This web style is commonly used on first base mitts and is designed to trap the ball securely when receiving throws.

  • Back Style: The mitt has a conventional back design. This is a standard choice for first base mitts.

  • Material: The mitt is made of quality full-grain leather, known for its durability. Full-grain leather can withstand the rigors of catching and fielding.

  • Palm Padding: It includes Zero Shock™ palm padding, which is designed to provide impact protection and reduce the sting from hard-thrown or caught balls.

  • Fit: The mitt features a pull strap and Velcro® strap closures to help achieve an improved fit. Proper fit is essential for control and comfort while playing.

  • Break-In: This mitt is advertised as having a quick and easy break-in process, meaning it should be game-ready relatively quickly. However, you may need to put in some additional work to fully customize it to your preference.

  • Design: The mitt is part of the Players Preferred series and features the Original Double Ca-Thud® design.

As mentioned, you can select the hand orientation that matches your throwing hand (e.g., right-handed thrower for a left-handed first baseman).

The Rawlings Players Preferred series is known for providing quality gloves for players at various levels, including coaches. This first base mitt is designed to offer durability and protection for first basemen.