Kookaburra Cricket Scorebook Wirebound 100 Innings

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The Kookaburra Cricket Scorebook Wirebound 100 Innings is an essential tool for cricket scorers, coaches, and enthusiasts. With its wirebound spine and comprehensive scoring format, it enables accurate and organized record-keeping of cricket match scores and statistics.

  • 100 Innings: The scorebook provides space for recording scores, runs, wickets, and other important information for up to 100 innings. It allows scorers to track the progress of multiple matches in a single book.

  • Wirebound Spine: The scorebook features a wirebound spine, which allows for easy flipping of pages and keeps the book securely bound. The wirebinding ensures durability and flexibility, allowing the scorebook to lay flat when opened for convenient scorekeeping.

  • Comprehensive Scoring Format: The scorebook offers a comprehensive format for recording essential match details, such as team names, venues, dates, toss results, umpire names, and individual player statistics. It provides well-organized sections for each inning to ensure accurate and systematic scorekeeping.

  • User-Friendly Design: The scorebook is designed with a user-friendly layout, featuring clear headings, columns, and rows for efficient data entry. The pages are designed to accommodate detailed scoring information, including runs, extras, fall of wickets, and bowling figures.

  • Handy Size: The scorebook is compact and portable, making it easy to carry to matches and store when not in use. Its handy size allows scorers to conveniently refer to previous innings or matches.

The Kookaburra Cricket Scorebook Wirebound 100 Innings is a scoring tool designed to keep track of cricket matches.