SF Camo ADI 3 Cricket Batting Pads

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SF Camo ADI 3 Cricket Batting Pads/Legguards are crafted to offer both premium protection and comfort during play. With padded straps that provide ultimate comfort, these legguards also feature an adjustable knee roll for personalized positioning and comfort. The traditional style seven cane protection ensures that your legs are well-protected during intense matches. Additionally, the premium quality PU facing and soft leather contribute to the overall durability and quality of the legguards. They are available for both right-handed and left-handed players in the men's size category.

Key Features:

  • Premium Quality PU Facing: The legguards are equipped with premium quality PU facing, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.
  • Traditional Seven Cane Protection: The traditional style seven cane protection offers excellent shielding for your legs during play, providing a high level of confidence and safety.
  • Adjustable Knee Roll: The knee roll is adjustable, allowing you to position it according to your preferences, providing a personalized and comfortable fit.
  • Padded Strap: The legguards feature padded straps, providing the ultimate comfort necessary for long hours of play on the cricket field.
  • Angled Top Hat and Profiled Wrap Around Design: The design of the legguards includes an angled top hat and profiled wrap around for superior comfort and protection, ensuring that you can focus on your game without any discomfort.

The SF Camo ADI 3 Cricket Batting Pads/Legguards are a reliable choice for any cricketer looking for top-quality leg protection without compromising on comfort and flexibility.