SG Sanju 14 English Willow Cricket Bat Sanju Samson Edition

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SG Sanju 14 English Willow Cricket Bat Sanju Samson Edition is designed to offer exceptional performance and durability. Here are the key specifications:

  • Finest English Willow: Meticulously crafted with the finest English willow, providing excellent durability and superior stroke play capabilities.
  • Straight Grains: The bat boasts approximately 9+ straight grains, indicating the high-quality willow used in its construction.
  • Imported Cane Handle: Equipped with an imported cane handle that incorporates special formulation cork inserts, enhancing flexibility and shock absorption during intense gameplay.
  • Traditional Round Cane Handle: Designed to provide superior grip and optimal bat control, allowing for confident and precise shots.
  • Full-Size Length: With a length of approximately 85.7 cm (33.7 inches), the bat is suitable for players aged 15 years and above, with a height of 171 cm (5'6") and above.
  • Tested Durability: Rigorously tested for usage against a leather ball, ensuring reliability and performance in professional cricket matches.
  • Available Size: The bat is available in the size SH, providing a suitable option for players looking for high-quality cricket equipment.