SG Triple Crown Icon English Willow Cricket Bat

£151.00 £167.00
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SG Triple Crown Icon English Willow Cricket Bat is designed for high performance and reliability. Here are its notable features:

  • Premium Willow: The bat is made from the finest hard-pressed English Willow, ensuring traditional shaping that enables superb stroke play.

  • Grain Quality: It boasts approximately 4-5 straight grains, indicative of its high-quality construction and potential for powerful shots.

  • Enhanced Handle: The imported cane handle comes with special formulation cork inserts, providing enhanced flexibility and shock absorption during intense gameplay.

  • Superior Grip: The traditional round cane handle is designed to offer superior grip and excellent bat control, allowing for precise and powerful shots.

  • Optimal Weight: Weighing approximately 1160-1200 grams (2.9-2.11 lbs), this bat offers a balanced and comfortable feel, ideal for long innings on the field.

  • Suitable for Various Ages: The bat is suitable for players aged 15 years and above, with a height of 171 centimeters (5’6″) and above. It is available in the SH size.

  • Tested Durability: It has been rigorously tested for usage against a leather ball, ensuring its durability and performance during intense gameplay.

  • Full-Length Bat Cover: The bat comes with a coated fabric full-length bat cover that includes adjustable carry-straps, providing convenience and protection during transportation.

The SG Triple Crown Icon English Willow Cricket Bat is an excellent choice for players seeking a reliable and high-performance cricket bat to enhance their gameplay and overall experience on the field.