SH Big Bash English Willow Cricket Bat

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Sports Hub Big Bash English Willow Cricket Bat appears to be a high-quality cricket bat suitable for various levels of play. Here are some key features and information about this bat:

  • Grade 4 English Willow: English Willow is known for its quality and performance in cricket bats. Grade 4 typically represents good quality willow, making it suitable for serious amateur and club-level players.

  • Air-Dried Willow: Air-dried willow is a process that allows the wood to naturally dry over time. This helps in preserving the integrity of the wood and can enhance the bat's performance.

  • Latest Shape with Massive Concave Edges: The bat is designed with a modern shape featuring massive concave edges. This design is aimed at maximizing impact with the ball, allowing for powerful shots and optimum performance.

  • Embossed Chrome Sticker: The bat is adorned with an embossed chrome sticker. This not only adds to the aesthetics but can also indicate the quality and brand of the bat.

  • High-Quality Grip: A high-quality grip on the handle is crucial for a player's comfort and control over the bat. It helps in preventing the bat from slipping during shots.

  • Wide Playing Area with Clean Bat Face: A wide playing area on the bat face provides a larger sweet spot, which can help players make more effective shots. A clean bat face without too many blemishes is desirable for better performance.

  • Premium/Portable SH Bat Cover: The inclusion of a premium and portable bat cover is a practical addition. It helps protect the bat during transportation and storage.

  • Proudly Made in India: The fact that the bat is made in India is often seen as a point of pride for many cricket enthusiasts.