SAREEN SPORTS Academy Wicket Keeping Gloves

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Master your wicket-keeping skills with SS Academy Wicket Keeping Gloves, ideal for club and county-level play. Crafted from premium PVC and synthetic leather, these gloves ensure durability and flexibility. With rubberized palms, they offer excellent grip, while the synthetic leather palm enhances performance. The nylon net insert at the back provides optimal ventilation, keeping your hands cool during intense matches. Featuring a cotton padded cuff for moisture management and soft cotton-lined fingers for additional protection, these gloves prioritize comfort and performance. Trust in their authenticity and elevate your wicket-keeping experience to the next level.


  • Material: PVC, synthetic leather
  • Grip: Rubberized palms
  • Ventilation: Nylon net insert
  • Moisture Management: Cotton padded cuff
  • Additional Protection: Soft cotton-lined fingers