SAREEN SPORTS GG Smacker English Willow Cricket Bat - Harrow

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Introducing the SS TON GG Smacker English Willow Cricket Bat - Harrow, a powerhouse designed for hard-hitting in the shorter format of the game. Made from Super Select Grade 2 English Willow, this bat features a robust overall profile with a spine that extends from the middle to the lower section.

The counter balance handle ensures excellent balance and control, allowing you to unleash powerful strokes with ease. Despite its substantial edges, the bat maintains a remarkably light pickup, giving you the advantage of swift maneuverability.

The SS TON GG Smacker is specifically engineered for maximum playing area, ensuring an extended sweet spot for explosive shots. Its specially designed shoulders further enhance its unique shape, making it stand out from other SS bats.

This bat is the perfect choice for players seeking a combination of power, performance, and exceptional craftsmanship. With its distinctive shape and unmatched specifications, the SS TON GG Smacker English Willow Cricket Bat is the ultimate weapon for dominating the game. Unleash your full potential and take your T20 cricket performance to new heights with this extraordinary bat.